New Media and the Impact on Consumers

New media is “all that is related to the internet and the interplay between technology, images and sound” (New Media Institute). It is an ever changing term due to the constantly evolving and adapting digital age we live in, with an array of possibilities to the marketers utilising it and deploying it to gain an advantage for their business. As consumers become tech savvy and use social media for information and discussion businesses can utilise this and promote themselves, reaching audiences on array of platforms, “new platforms such as the internet or mobile phones enable them to provide more sports” (Lefever, 2012)

Sport viewed on a wide range of devices


Fans can now keep up to date with the sporting action on their smartphone, something which was unthinkable a decade ago. Thus, this creates a better informed, better equipped sports fan, to enjoy sport at any time.Using new media fans can explore a wide range of entertainment all logged in the same place. For example, ESPN offer all the matches for Wimbledon and the US Open tennis tournaments online so “fans can digitally bounce around the tennis courts watching their favourite players’ (Gruber, 2014). This provides greater autonomy to viewers as they decide who they want to watch play and when, showing the importance to consumer choice.

Fans can watch an array of games


However, there is vast competition to be the main broadcaster of new media When reading Standardization versus adaptation of international marketing strategy: an integrative assessment of the empirical research (Theodosiu and Leonidou, 2003) it showed that the rights to media have gone through the roof in todays day and age with the economic structure of professional sport changing drastically into a “winner takes-all” (Frank and Cook, 1995) between the television broadcasters. In the UK Premier League football clubs are receiving gigantic windfalls due to TV rights. Bidding for digital media “led to the rise of fierce competition, with the participation of a wide array of firms” (Craig and Douglas, 1996)

New Media is further adapting


The obsession with releasing the best in new media will only intensify as further outlets for broadcast such as Periscope enter the market. This will lead to “competition between brands continues to intensify, sports content – teams, leagues, federations, events, athletes” which will “ccontinue to increase in value” (Glendinning, 2007). Further increasing the already outrageous prices companies pay to gain rights to sporting content will have a benefit of new media on consumers as organizations such as Sky and BT release more ingenious ways to enhance the viewer experience.



Zach Scott-Gray
Sports Marketing- Leeds Beckett University




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