Digital Media: The Phenomenon

In my 19 years of existence I have grown up alongside the digital age and experienced first hand the transition from print and broadcast media to digital media where informtion and conversation is available in a heartbeat. Opening worlds never before seen before and thus creating a brand new type of sports fan.
My name is Zach Scott-Gray and I am an avid rugby player and general sports fan studying at Leeds Beckett University. However I am at my most content when watching football, more specifically Arsenal.
I regularly read blogs on an array of sports such as Arseblog, Squaka, Synergy and RugbyDump. As well as consuming information regarding sport on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook where I try to stretch my knowledge by following players and accounts of foreign sports such as Lebron James and The NFL account.
Sport plays a bigger role in society today then ever before, due to the availability of information 24/7, the far greater fan base it has access too, and level of discussion it generates on a variety of social media accounts as well as blogs and articles.

Arseblog available as an App

Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter dominate large amounts of my time as i seek the latest news stories around the world, learning more about the world of professional sport. Recently the introduction of snapchat stories from places such as America covering large sporting events we would previously not have access too.

In the latter stages of the 20th century and the early stages of the 21st century digital media changed forever.  Offering a more customer orientated experience with both marketing, consumption of information and mass online discussion. It is believed that over 72 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute ( Digiday, 2013) and ‘on average, 60% of a marketers’ time is devoted to digital marketing activities, fuelling demand for digital marketing skills’ (Cmocouncil 2015). This shows the importance of digital media and digital media platforms in todays society. Something which could never be fathomed 20 years previously in the age of print and broadcasting.

The Change in Digital Media

I recently looked at Integrated Marketing Communication (Mulhearn, 2009) which outlines the progress of technology over the last two decades, outlining the importance of digital media in todays society. It is so much easier for businesses to market their products and display their information to consumers as it is currently acknowledged as part of our digital lives, “Consumers will accept the intrusive delivery of commercial messages in exchange for free, or nearly free content”(Moormen, Neijens, Smit, 2005). This is a prime example of how people have accepted digital media and embraced both its pros and cons to have a better understanding of the product and market. Something which was much harder to do in the days of print advertising.

One of the many reasons as too why technology is much preferred as a media for publishing, is the availability of its content 24/7. This was stated by (Humphreys and Messaris 2005)”in the digital world media is free of the physical constraints of print and broadcast and can be copied and shared repeatedly” as well as the fact “a magazine can only be consumed when in the persons hand”.

This can be shown through the use of hashtags on social media to derive and continue communication around a telling subject such as #Arsenal which was tweeted 376 thousand times during a game with West Ham united. This support Humphreys and Messaris’s statement as it shows that an online platform is much more accessible for the mass audience and allows for a greater pool of people to find out information and talk about it.




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